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Need a Vacation? Considering a corporate group travel trip? Thought about booking a private air charter package, with all accommodations? Wanting something more intimate, such as a private yacht? Summerville Travel Agency can arrange all the details of your trip. With our vacation layaway plan, you can book a vacation in advance, usually with a small down payment up to 30/45 days of departures on most trips. Our agency has access to exclusive itineraries that are designed for a personalized experience for each unique traveler.

Working closely with suppliers, so that clients are provided with a creative packaging arrangement, combined with the best rates and services. Summerville Travel Agency can also help with travel insurance on trips already booked. Globally connected to provide a vacation layaway plan that fits your budget interests. Need airline tickets only, need a rental car, or maybe a train excursion, but don’t know where to book? Summerville Travel Agency can assist with any travel plans.




Unlike the average travel booking website or automated phone system, we will take the time to get to know you and your family, know your preferences, making sure your vacation is perfectly tailored to your needs. Summerville Travel can offer you knowledge and firsthand experience, but just as importantly, you will enjoy our exclusive offers and the satisfaction of getting the best value for your vacation. Summerville Travel can craft the perfect, customized vacation for you.

 Become our client and you will get special access for perks only available through our agency. Vacation packages offered with as little as $200 deposit down per person, with payments allowed to me made up to 30/45 before departure.

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A true sense of place is exactly what a luxury vacation should deliver. Whether you are looking for a special place that’s historical in which you’ve wanted to visit or you want to visit a place that you know you would find genuinely surprising. No matter where you travel to, an exotic locale or a time-honored favorite, a tropical isle or a wintry wonderland, you deserve an experience that is truly authentic and unforgettable. All you need to do is decide where you want to go and allow Summerville Travel  to take care of all the details


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